Selle Italia

Selle Italia

Take up the challenge and show us what it means for you to be safe on the saddle. Show us that you are the best Safety Warrior and become an ambassador for a new and difficult idea, like the toughest climb. Security is an accomplishment that is achieved every day, with effort. We need a different approach to cycling that starts from the concept of sharing and tolerance, serenity and respect.

Anyone can go on the street, all with the same rights. There are no opponents or duels to win.

The only goal, to be achieved all together, is not to take risks and not to create risks for the others.

If you think you have the strength to be safe, get involved. Passion is also measured in this way.

We forgot one important thing. If you seriously convince us that safety comes first for you, we’ll give you the right accessories to show it to everyone (… and also to be seen by everyone…), those designed for a real Safety Warrior.

Do we agree? Then join our challenge posting photos on Facebook and Instagram that clearly say how confident you are to be safe. Show us that your head on the bike is not only for wearing an helmet.

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